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Women's Fleece

Cosy, longer-length fleece jacket for travel and everyday.

Isla Jacket

Relaxed, functional fleece cardigan.

Finnic Cardi

$79.20 was $99.00
Lightweight and versatile insulating fleece jacket.

Microrib Stowaway Jacket

A clever, light and ultra-breathable fleece.

Microrib Stowaway Zip

$59.50 was $85.00
Lightweight, button-through fleece cardigan.

Pathway Cardi

Relaxed, casual fleece with a half-zip opening.

Quayside Zip Jumper

Lightweight, packable fleece jacket with insulated core.

Spark Fleece Jacket

Warm, wool-blend coat for winter travel.

Malmo Jacket

$108.00 was $135.00